Internal Growth Strategy

INV aims to achieve steady internal growth by expanding revenues from investment assets through proactive and efficient operation and management based on the following policies.

Maintaining and Improving Income

  • Increase tenant satisfaction by providing quality services matched to suit the characteristics of individual investment assets and tenant attributes as well as enhancing the relationship with tenants.
  • Promptly identify tenant trends and engage in flexible leasing activities while working to respond to low seasonal demand.
  • While aiming to increase revenues by capitalizing upon the corporate marketing expertise and hotel operations of MyStays Hotel Management Co., Ltd., the tenant of the majority of INV's domestic hotel assets, INV will aim to stabilize and maximize hotel revenues and rental income from domestic hotels by effectively managing hotel operators such as MyStays Hotel Management.
  • INV will also seek to stabilize and maximize hotel revenues from overseas hotel assets by appropriately selecting and managing hotel operators with experience in the relevant areas, or by making arrangements for appropriate selection and management of operators based on support from Fortress Group.
  • Aim to maximize the value of assets acquired and relative competitiveness by drawing up long-term repair plans and implementing well-organized repairs and capital investments

Reducing operational and management costs

  • Drive maximization of revenue by regularly verifying appropriate management levels and attempting to reduce maintenance and management fees and payments to various contractors to the extent possible. INV reviews the level of management and reduces costs while ensuring the standards required to maintain and enhance income.
  • Promote efficient operation and management of assets acquired by leveraging a property management system designed to efficiently manage reports from property management companies.

Efficient Supervision of Property Management

  • INV selects property management companies which have good knowledge and track records in property management in each investment target region so as to efficiently supervise property management in accordance with INV's investment policy of promoting geographically diversified investment.
  • Property management companies are selected after comprehensively examining their experience and capacity in the operation and management of real properties, track records in managing the assets targeted for acquisition by INV, networks with various contractors, and their capacity to operate and manage properties in accordance with the aims of INV.