Unitholder Benefit Program

INV introduced the Unitholder Benefit Program so that unitholders can enjoy staying at a wide range of hotels owned by INV, with the goal of increasing unitholders satisfaction and expanding the investor base.

Overview of Unitholder Special Benefit Program (December 2019 Fiscal Period).   June 2020 Fiscal Period

Eligible Unitholders

Unitholders who hold 10 or more INV units and whose names are on INV's Unitholders' Registry as of December 31 2019.

Details of the program

Unitholders can enjoy staying the applicable hotels below at a discounted rate prepared only for eligible unitholders based on availability.

【A】Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
【B】All hotels managed by MyStays (Note)

  • All hotels operated by Mystays Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which are listed on the Official Site of My Stays Hotel Group (https://www.mystays.com/). Hereafter the same.

How to Use.

Please reserve hotels via the link below.

  • INV will send instructions and relevant details on how to make hotel reservations using the Unitholder benefits program (ID and Password for reservation) to eligible unitholders by late March 2020 along with the Asset Management report.

Available Period for stay

From April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020 December 31, 2020

<INV decided to extend the available period by three months to provide eligible unitholders with an opportunity to utilize the Unitholder Benefit Program due to the COVID-19 pandemic, government declaration of a State of Emergency, and requests by municipalities to stay home.>

Points to Note when Using Unitholder Benefit Program

  • Unitholders can make hotel reservations for persons other than unitholders by the Unitholder Benefit Program.
  • Unitholders can only use the program by making hotel reservations via the dedicated websites of Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel or Hotel MyStays.
  • Reservations by phone are not eligible for this offer.
  • Unitholders must book hotel reservations on the specified websites and cannot use the program along with any other plans provided by third-party agents such as Online Travel Agents or Real Agents.
  • Please note that depending on the time of use and the terms of use, the terms of use of other plans may be more advantageous than the discount offered by this special offer.
  • For cancellation fees, please follow the cancellation policies of each hotel.
  • The details of the unitholder benefit program described above is what INV provides as of today, and the program may be changed or abolished in the future.


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