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To Our Unitholders

This page provides the message from Executive Director of INV.

Profile & History

This page provides the profile and history of INV.

Directors' Profile

This page provides the list of INV directors.

Organizational Structure

This page presents an overview of INV in a diagram.

Asset Manager

This page provides information on the asset manager of INV.

To view the investment policy and strategy of INV

Basic Policy

This page describes the basic asset management policy of INV.

External Growth Strategy

This page provides the external growth strategy of INV.

Internal Growth Strategy

This page provides the internal growth strategy of INV.

Disclosure Policy

This page describes the cash distribution (dividends) policy.

Financial Policy

This page describes the financial policies, including borrowing policy.


This page introduces the initiatives of INV for ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)

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Portfolio Summary

This page provides the portfolio data of INV.

Portfolio Map

Maps on this page show locations of properties held by INV.

Portfolio List

This page provides the portfolio list of INV. The details of a particular property will be given by designating an appropriate search item from the list.

Hotel Performance

This page provides performance data of the hotel properties held by INV.

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Financial Highlights

This page provides the major Financial Results Information of INV.

Borrowings & Investment Corporation Bonds

This page provides INV's borrowing status and the issuance status of INV Investment Corporation bonds.

Unitholders' Capital & Major Unitholders

This page details the unitholders' capital of INV and the top ten major unitholders.


Ratings that Invincible Investment Corporation REIT, Inc is carrying.

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Press Releases

This page provides press releases of INV.

IR Library

This page provides various disclosure materials of INV.

Financial Results Information

This page provides the schedule for announcements of INV's financial results, etc.


This page provides the actual distribution for the current term, forecast distribution for the next term and distribution history.

IR Schedule

This page provides the annual IR schedule.

Unitholders' Meeting

This page provides information on the unitholders' meeting. Convocation notice of the next unitholders' meeting and notice of resolutions of the last unitholders' meeting etc., are included.

To All Unitholders

This page provides information on unitholder rights, taxation, administrative procedures of investment units.

Analyst Coverage

List of analysts analyzing our results.

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We provide a mail delivery service for investors to send our latest information of discosures. You can register for our distribution list from this page.

Stock Quote

You can find the latest information of INV's unit price.